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More than 2,000 activists and candidates have received free training from the Impact Center since 2017. Our approach is fundamentally different than normal organizational training. We use cutting-edge neuroscience and voting data to shape a plan for your organization to reach its potential. 

Campaign Strategy


Earned Media

Using the press to tell your story

Crafting your message is crucial when earning media coverage. 


Field Work

Leaning on your coalitions

Your base is the key to your field strategy. They have resources to help you succeed.

Campaign Tactics

Want Free Activist Training?

Writing on Sticky Notes

Values-Based Messaging

Starting with your "WHY"

Neuroscience has proven that people respond to messaging that speaks to their values.

Dollar Bills

Donor Research

Preparing you for call time

Up-to-date donor lists are priceless. Knowing who has donated will determine who you call.


Volunteer Recruitment

Making the first ask for a campaign

Volunteer recruitment and retention requires constant maintenance. We can get you started. 


Cutting Turf

Taking care of the basics

Cutting turf is time consuming. We can take that off your plate, or train you to do it yourself.

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