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Building Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence refers to a person's ability to perceive, control, evaluate, and express emotions. It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results, according to Travis Bradberry of TalentSmart.

"Intelligence matters, but it is what you do with your intelligence which matters even more."

- Dr. Wartski

We take an EI-focused approach to understanding the electorate and how we interact with voters. While it's easy to shy away from tough conversations, using radical empathy and transparency helps us connect with people on a deeper level. 

A great example of radical empathy comes from a TikToker who shared how he's looked into the mirror rather than out the window when confronted with his own privilege. 

“I know now how powerless I am as an individual, but it does not take away from the responsibility of me cleaning up the area of the world that I occupy… If we listen to each other and if we have respect for each other, we can rewrite how this story ends.”

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